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Art Supply Store

What is our Process

We take extra special & personalised care with your project. We can handle EVERYTHING from start to finish.


We manage everything from start to finish, making it simple & seamless as possible

Our team will ensure that your project is as seamless as possible. From the beginning, we make sure the Design, Artwork is right so that the process. If you don't have any artwork, don't worry, we have professional designers and illustrators to assist. 

Simple guide to our process


Art Work Setup

We take your pre-existing design or logos and ensure they are ready for print. If not OR your need custom design we ensure all Artwork is print ready. 


Select & Order Garments or Substrates

Whether it be a T-Shirt, Unform, or Sign we ensure we extensively consult with you to ensure you get the right choice for the job. We order from our suppliers which only takes a few days to arrive. 


Get Printing

The Printing process begins. We keep you posted with our progress along the way. We go through an extensive quality control and ensure your print is perfect. 


Delivery or Intallation

Depending on your service it can be picked up, delivered or in the case of signage, installed. 

Each project is different, but we take the pain out of it by arranging this for you. As part of the project planning we will go through this with you in detail.

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